The Ice King by Lee Brazil


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CPA Rafe Montaigne’s day is heading downhill fast and he hasn’t even had a decent cup

of coffee yet. What could make it worse? A secretary in a snit.

CPA Rafe Montaigne’s day is heading downhill fast and he hasn’t even had a decent cup

of coffee yet. What could make it worse? A secretary in a snit.

Elian is efficient, attractive and cold as ice toward his boss, and he has been since Rafe’s

ex stopped by the office.

Rafe is a sophisticated player, a businessman who knows how to have fun and he’s not

particular about whether his playmates are male or female.

It seems Elian isn’t quite so indiscriminate… What’s a boss to do when his secretary

won’t play nice?

The clack of computer keys signaled Elian’s return to his desk, and Raphael grimaced

as he realized he’d have to pass by that judgmental stare, those assessing eyes, to get to his own

desk and the coffee. Should have taken the opportunity while the man talked to his plants to dash

to his inner sanctum. He’d planned to be early, but one fiasco followed another, and of course,

super secretary beat his ass to the office again. He ran a hand through his curly black hair, trying

to make sure it was semi neat. Glanced down to check his clothes before he caught himself.

Fuck. He was drenched to the skin. There was no way he looked like anything but a drowned rat.

Who was the boss anyway?

He pushed open the heavy wood door that boasted Montaigne and Associates – though

really, it was just him and Elian – and breezed through to the inner sanctum. The room was

blessedly cool after the humid heat of the outdoors, and Elian had turned on the peaceful music

he favored. Rafe made to step past Elian, whose gaze was focused on his computer screen.

Immediately the typing stopped, and the long elegant fingers fell into his lap. Rafe found

his gaze locked on those hands, such soft, strong hands. Every nail was buffed to the perfect

shine, trimmed to the perfect length, shaped by God into a perfect oval of healthy pink. He

swallowed. He could nearly feel those nails digging into his muscles, scraping down his back,

leaving fiery trails of sensation to burn their way to his groin.

“Your messages.” Elian’s icy voice jolted him from his fantasy not a moment too soon.

Much longer and he would have been embarrassingly aroused, despite the fiasco of his morning.

More bad luck? In the beginning, Elian had addressed him in a much warmer tone. Once,

he’d even had a good morning and a how was your evening for his boss. Since that day, though,

it had been nothing but the cold shoulder.

Somewhere in a small town in up-state New York are a librarian and a second grade

teacher to whom I owe my life. That might be a touch dramatic, but it’s nevertheless one hundred

percent true.

Because they taught me the joy of reading, of escaping into worlds crafted of words.

Have you ever been nine years old and sure of nothing so much as that you don’t belong?

Looked at the world from behind glasses, and wondered why you don’t fit?

Someone hands you a book, and then you turn the page and see… There you are, running

from Injun Joe in a dark graveyard; there you are fencing with Athos; there you are…beneath the

deep blue sea- marveling at exotic creatures with Captain Nemo.

I found myself between the pages of books, and that is why I write now. It’s why I taught

English and literature for so many years, and it’s why my house contains more pounds of books

than furniture.

If I’d had my way, I’d have been a fencer…or a starship captain, or a lawyer, or a detective

solving crimes. But instead, I am a writer, and I’ve come to realize that’s the best thing in the

world to be, because as a writer, I can be all those things and more.

If I hadn’t learned to value the stories between the pages, who knows what would have

happened? Certainly not college…teaching…or writing.


Cover reveal of Tasting The Teacher by Jodie Jacobs


Author: Jodie Jacobs
Series: Lessons in Lust #1
Genre: Erotica
Cover Designer: JJ Designs
Release Date: February 1st 2015 


Flunking math is a serious problem for Damon. Without a pass, his college choices are limited. It doesn’t help that he’s been fixated on his math teacher, Miss Jordan, for the past two years. If anything, spending too many hours fantasizing over her has pulled his grades down.
 Knowing he only has once chance to get the pass he needs, his math teacher may just hold all the answers he requires. Miss Jordan provides the first of one-night opportunities to allow Damon to pass with flying colors. 
It all starts with a taste.
Intended for reader 18+. The Lessons in Lust series is a short erotic story based on the sexual relationship between a teacher and her male senior student.


Cover Reveal of The Calibans by Eve Pohler with giveaway

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To celebrate the cover reveal of the third and final book of The Purgatorium Series, Eva Pohler is hosting a fabulous Facebook event and rafflecopter giveaway.

Purgatorium Final EbookIn the first book, The Purgatorium, seventeen-year-old Daphne Janus has no idea that her parents have sent her to an experimental psychologist on an island off the coast of California as a last-ditch effort to save her from herself. People go to the island wanting to die, and they leave fighting to live. This book is FREE!

GraysDomain3In the second book, Gray’s Domain, Daphne is delighted to learn she will now have a chance to have revenge on her parents and boyfriend by participating in their therapy, but when real bullets fly and lives are at stake, she decides she wants no part of it and hatches a plan to save her family against what she sees as a tyrannical doctor.

In the final book, The Calibans, Daphne returns to the island to save her best friend, Cam, and the other “Calibans” who’ve been brainwashed by Dr. Gray, but, once again, things aren’t what they seem. Daphne’s entire world comes crashing down along with the Purgatorium when federal ATF officers arrive with a warrant during a dangerous exercise. What she believed to be so isn’t, and the blurry line between art and reality leaves her reeling.

Without further ado, another masterpiece from Book Cover Corner

TheCalibans Final ebook

To help us celebrate, enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. Also join the Facebook party on February 1st at 7 p.m. CST for a chance to win signed paperbacks, t-shirts, audiobooks, ebooks, the Athena locket, and other fun prizes! You can join here.

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Reading by the Book
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Treasured Lily by Dawn Brower



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Lilliana needs one thing—freedom. Randall’s willing to assist her, for a fee. One kiss and

he’ll help her attain her deepest desire.

What Lilliana Marsden wants—she gets. The thing she believes she desires most is to

live in Charleston on a plantation. Her problem? Parents who refuse to listen to her. Lily decides

to make her wishes come true, and who better than a handsome American ship captain to help


Randall Collins finds Lilliana bewitching and quickly falls under her spell. When she

asks if he can take her with him on his next voyage he finds himself agreeing—for a tiny fee. A

kiss as payment and he’ll take her anywhere she wants.

As they set sail sparks fly between them. Will Lily find something more desirable

than owning a plantation and can Rand convince her he’s the better choice?

He wondered how far he could push her. The decision to give into her and take her on his

ship had already been made. Lilliana just didn’t know he already decided to let her come back to

America with him, but only because it worked in his own plans.

“What do I get for my trouble?” he asked. “I’d be risking quite a lot to assist you with

your scheme.”

“What do you want? Money? I certainly can afford to pay for my passage.”

Rand’s lips rose into a cocky smile. He desired a lot from her, but at this point only one

thing would do as payment. Would the lovely lady be willing to give it to him? He had nothing

to lose and only one way to find out.

“How about a kiss?”

Lilliana looked stunned as she stared unblinkingly at him, and then just as suddenly she

stopped dancing right in the middle of the dance floor. Her face flushed a pretty shade of pink as

she began to move to the music again with him in the lead.

“How forward of you. I’m not sure I like your idea of compensation.”

“It’s a small thing, one little kiss. To be given to me at a time of my choosing.” He leaned

in close to her and whispered in her ear. “Are you afraid?”

Lilliana’s breath sucked deep into her chest, and he could feel her slowly exhale it in little

pants. Her pulse raced on her wrist beneath the palm of his hand and thrummed a small beat as

he held it firmly in his grasp. A blush formed on her cheeks turning them a nice shade of pink,

and her lips parted in anticipation. Her body’s reactions suggested she had an interest in kissing

him also. Would she take the bait and give him what he desired? He needed her to accept the

proposal. Once she did he’d have her sailing with him in a few short days.

“All right, you have a deal,” she agreed.

Dawn Brower holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, a Master of Arts in Education,

and is currently working on a Master of Arts in Liberal Arts with concentrations in Literature,

History, and Sociology. She works as a substitute teacher and enjoys the flexibility it gives her to

concentrate on her other endeavors.

Growing up she was the only girl out of six children. She is a single mother of two

teenage boys; there is never a dull moment in her life. Reading books is her favorite hobby.

There is nothing like a nice glass of wine and a good book to relax with at the end of the day.

There are always stories inside her head; she just never thought she could make them

come to life. That creativity has finally found an outlet. If you want to contact Dawn you can

visit her webpage at, her Facebook page at

DawnMarieBrower, on her blog or her twitter page at

Billionaire Untamed (The Billionaire’s Obsession) by J.S. Scott

Lara Bailey isn’t in Rocky Springs for the hot springs, the resort
activities or the fabulous skiing.  She has come to Colorado for one
reason and one reason only: to find and get close to Marcus Colter, the
eldest Colter brother.  Unfortunately, trouble finds her in the form of
Tate Colter rather than Marcus. The youngest Colter brother is arrogant,
cocky, smart, and tenacious in his attempts to find out why she
wants to find Marcus even though she’s never met him. Lara isn’t willing
to divulge that information, and Tate is determined to uncover her
motives.  It makes Tate one hot, wickedly sexy, adorably dimpled, alpha
male pain in her backside.
Lara is really confused when Tate helps her out of a difficult and potentially dangerous situation. It leaves Lara wondering if he really is the cocky, arrogant jerk that he pretends to be, or if there isn’t much more to Tate Colter than she’d initially thought.
Colter wants Lara Bailey in his bed…badly.  When she completely blows
him off and ignores him when they meet, he’s even more determined to
find out her secrets and get her to submit to the molten desire that
radiates between the two of them. The fact that she’s one tough female, a
woman who can give back exactly what he dishes out, makes her even more
intriguing to him.
Sparks fly as Tate and
Lara become involved in a battle of wits and wills that will ignite
flames of passion and desire like neither one of them have ever
experienced.  But when deception is discovered and a betrayal takes
place, can these two adversaries who are so much alike work together
without letting the white-hot passion burning between them incinerate
them both?

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 Other books in the series
Mine For Tonight 
The Billionaire’s Obsession (Complete Collection) 


All Romance
This complete collection of The Billionaire’s Obsession includes:
Mine For Tonight
Mine For Now
Mine Forever
Mine Completely
Heart Of The Billionaire (Book Two)
Google Play
The Billionaire Salvation (Book Three)
The Billionaire’s Game (Book Four)
     Billionaire Undone – Book Five

If you want to try the prequel first you can check out Jason and Hope in this short read

Google Play Unmasked – Book Six

 Jason Sutherland is a billionaire investor who has it all: good looks,
billions of dollars, and every expensive toy a man could ever want. What
he doesn’t have is the one thing he wants the most: Hope Sinclair.
Unfortunately Hope, the little sister of his best friend, was off
limits. But when he finds out that she’s getting married, he decides
that he’s staking his claim before it’s too late, and it will take more
than a little deception and risk to accomplish his goal. Hope could end
up hating his guts, but after spending one forbidden night with her that
he can’t forget, he knows he has to try to make her his forever.

Hope Sinclair was born into money, but being rich has never made her
happy. The one thing she wants is a man to care about her and not her
bank account. The closest thing she’s ever found to real happiness was
the magical, passionate night she’d spent in the arms of Jason
Sutherland…until that night turned into heartbreak. So when he
unexpectedly comes back into her life in the strangest of ways, Hope is
determined to resist her attraction to him.

Thrown together by Jason’s deception and with their passion still
burning hot, can the two of them survive after the billionaire is

18+ only. Not suitable for children and teens under 18.



About The Author


Scott is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of steamy
romance. She’s an avid reader of all types of books and literature.
Writing what she loves to read, J.S. Scott writes both contemporary
erotic romance stories and paranormal romance erotics. They almost
always feature an Alpha Male and have a happily ever after because she
just can’t seem to write them any other way!Please visit me at:  Facebook  Amazon 
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A few interesting facts about Author J.S. Scott
Author J.S.Scott trained and worked for years as a Registered Respiratory Therapist before becoming an Author.
self published in April 2012 with no experience at all. “I put together
my own bad covers and edited the stories myself. (Big
mistake!) I used KDP Select when I first started and offered up the
stories for free, alternating the freebies. To my surprise… I actually
started selling some books.”  Then she really hit it when she started
working on a serial romance trilogy that readers started to follow
enthusiastically — The Billionaire’s Obsession, which
she eventually packaged into a “complete set” last February, selling
the lot for one very low price. “I was lucky enough to have the book
sell very well… well enough to hit the USA Today and NYT Bestsellers.
Since then, I’ve written complete novels that have also done well.”
the books that she writes almost always feature an Alpha Male and have a
happily ever after because she just can’t seem to write them any other

Jade (Special Operations Command book 2) by S. Reynolds

Sexy young couple holding hands at night


Jade Conner is taking a big risk, working undercover as a drug buyer. His team is desperately

trying to intercept and stop the importation of a wicked new drug into South Florida. In the

middle of a buy, he meets a young woman, who seems utterly out of place.Alli Reed is helplessly

trapped, having foolishly made the wrong choice. Now, she must deliver the drugs or die.Worse,

she the sister of one of the team members: the case just took the worst possible turn!

Jade is only $2.99 and is available through Amazon at the moment

(Will soon be on all major networks)

Buy Links:

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young couple



Other books available:

Kalil, Book 1 in the Special Operations Command Series (Will also be available on all networks


Buy Links:

Amazon US:

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Amazon UK:

Social Links:

Facebook –

Twitter –

Email –

Website –

Want to learn more about S. Reynolds?


Author Bio:

Stephanie is a new indie author who loves to write and read. She lives in West Virginia with

her two children and her dog.

She has a BS in Criminal Justice and has spent her years reading about and exploring the

mind. She has many projects scheduled for 2015 and beyond and hopes to also start a fantasy

series this year. Her next project will be Ryker, Book 3 in the Special Operations Command


Cover Reveal of The Vampire of Vancouver by Liz Meldon


Title: The Vampire of Vancouver

(Lovers and Liars #2)

Author: Liz Meldon

Series: Lovers and Liars

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Cover by: Humble Nation

Release Date: February 10,



~ Synopsis ~


The Vampire of Vancouver (Lovers and Liars, #2)

Aphrodite, goddess of love and lust, is not impressed. After giving up her penthouse

suite in trendy Manhattan to go monster hunting around the world, she finds herself

in a sad hotel room in Vancouver with a decidedly distracted Loki. She hadn’t

expected this job to be so serious, and her Norse partner isn’t exactly bowing to her

whims these days. What was the point in coming with him if they weren’t beneath

the sheets all hours of the day? It seems like such a waste of sexual compatibility.


Meanwhile, Loki, Norse trickster, is equally unimpressed. He hadn’t thought taking a

beautiful partner along would make his work so difficult. Her unfocused energy

grates on his nerves, and his lust for her is only surpassed by his desire for more

godly power. He will complete this job, whether she likes it or not, and he’ll walk

away one step closer to regaining his old abilities. Now, if only he can get his partner

to focus on the task at hand, not seduction. Ridiculous woman.

Aphrodite and Loki, an unlikely team if there ever was one, find themselves in the

City of Vancouver hunting vampires. The job is pretty straightforward: rescue the

damsel, kill the monster. Unfortunately, even the easiest of jobs hardly ever go

according to plan.


About the Author

About the Author: Liz is a Canadian author who grew up in the Middle East. She has

a degree in Bioarchaeology from Western University, and when she isn’t writing

about snarky characters of her own, she is ghostwriting romance novellas, working

on her fanfiction, loitering on social media, or selling tickets at a theatre.

In the past year, she has written six romance novellas as a ghostwriter. Three have

been published and are doing well. She loves writing realistic characters in

fantastical settings.

Follow the Author:


// Twitter // Goodread

s // Tumblr // Pinterest

Cover Reveal of Burnt Devotion (The Imdalind Series #5) by Rebecca Ethington

Burnt Devotion
Series: Imdalind Series
Author: Rebecca Ethington
Release Date: March 22, 2015
 Burnt Devotion, Book 5 in the Imdalind Series.
Dawn of Ash – the previously announced book five has now been moved to book 6.
Yes! An extra book. If you
been waiting for the next installment of The Imdalind Series this is the book
        have been waiting for!
It was supposed to be the final battle,
the one to end Edmund’s line, his life, and free the magic Edmund had taken
from the world. That was how it was foreseen. The end of the battle that has
raged for centuries, unbeknownst to the mortals around them, the battle that
would end with Joclyn’s death.
But it did neither.
The battle still reigns, Joclyn still
lives, and the sight that was given eight hundred years ago is broken.
And it’s not the only one.
          Sights that were once thought infallible
have become nothing more than scattered             glass, with broken pieces shattering
into incorrect visages. Sain clings to the magic that                 he knows to be true, but
there is something else, something that he is not saying.                              And what he does say
is no longer adding up.
Something is wrong.
Ilyan and his people move through the
caves, following a sight they hope to be correct, fleeing a battle that should
have been the end while the battle within each of them grows with each step.
Ryland fights the monsters his father has
infected him with.
Wynifred fights the confusion of who she
Dramin fights to live.
Prague may not survive this battle, it
may be ripped to shreds… or burned to ashes.
Burnt Devotion is a Clean Young-Adult
Paranormal Romance
Language: Mild to Moderate
Violence: Moderate
Sexual Content: Low to None


Barnes & Nobles:
Rebecca Ethington is a story teller and author
from Salt Lake City, Utah. She has been telling stories since she was small.
First, with writing crude scripts, and then in stage with years of theatrical
performances. Rebecca’s first stint into the world of literary writing, The
Imdalind Series, was released in October 2012 and since its release each book
has been found in several top 100 lists on Amazon. Rebecca is a mother to two,
and wife to her best friend of 14 years. Her days are spent writing, running,
and enjoying life with her crazy family.
Facebook –
Website –
Twitter – @RebEthington

The International best selling Imdalind
Series continues in the highly anticipated fifth installment, Burnt Devotion.
Discover the series that USA Today’s Happily Ever After blog called
“interesting and intense.”

Branded at a young age by a mysterious
mark on her skin, Joclyn’s life has been shrouded with mystery and lies.
Abandoned by her father, and forced to keep her deformity a secret. Joclyn
lives with a haunting secret that she can’t share with anyone… not even her
best friend, Ryland.

But Ryland knows something she doesn’t,
and when he finds the mark all of the secrets become dangers that threaten to
destroy not only Joclyn’s life, but the fragile thread of a world that she
didn’t even know existed.

With over 200,000 copies sold, THE
IMDALIND SERIES  is a riveting drama that will quench your thirst for the
final saga.
Kiss of Fire (Imdalind #1)
Eyes of Ember (Imdalind #2)

Scorched Treachery
(Imdalind #3)


Soul of Flame (Imdalind #4)


Wedding Belle Blues by Mia Epsilon


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What do you do when the woman you love is marrying the wrong man? Sabotage the


Anna is planning the perfect wedding, but she doesn’t anticipate her future mother-in-
law’s offer of help which translates into take over. Her groom-to-be avoids her and insists their

growing problems are just “bridal nerves.” Worst of all, her best friend, Robin, begins to act

strange. Everyone around her has his or her own agenda. What’s a girl to do when she begins to

realize the perfect life she envisioned is all a lie?

Robin has two great loves in his life: his best friend Anna and his motorcycle. Not one

to make a scene, he supports Anna in her plan to marry the wrong man and regrets she can’t

accept his dare devil lifestyle. But when push comes to shove, he’s more than willing to make the

necessary sacrifice and prove he is the man she needs.

As the wedding date draws near and plans shift into high gear, Robin and Anna grow

closer and not just as friends. Each must decide what the perfect life truly means while trying to

negotiate the maze of wedding plans, secrets, and hidden motives. Will someone be left singing

the blues?

“Chasing you would be a wasted effort.” Robin waved the half eaten slice before he set

the crust back in the box.

Anna slammed the lid on his hand. “What do you mean? I’m not worth the chase?”

“Hey, starving teacher here.” He knocked on the inside of the box and glared at her. “And

don’t be ridiculous. Of course you’re worth a chase, but even I can recognize a no win situation

regardless if I can’t fully give up on it or you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He was hiding something, besides his hand in the

box. “Robin?”

The liquid blue fire in his eyes singed her as he spoke. “I didn’t give the let’s-forget-this-
ever-happened-and-just-be-friends speech. I didn’t stay too afraid to see where our relationship

might have gone. No win situation.”

Stunned, she gaped at him. “I thought…but you never said…I mean, we’d…”

He just stared at her, face unmoving, his chest rising and falling as his breaths increased.

He was, she realized, getting angrier by the second.

She swallowed and tried to find words, any words, to defuse the tension. “I couldn’t bear

to think of losing you as my friend. We did the best thing for us.””We did the best thing for you.”

“But you…you agreed with me. You said you didn’t want to risk our friendship either.”

“What the hell could I say?” He shot to his feet, knocking the pizza box to the floor. “You

didn’t give me a choice. Either be your friend, only your friend, or leave your life.”

“I never said we couldn’t be friends or you had to leave my life.” She whispered the

words. Yet it had been close. The next morning, after one incredible night, she’d told him: Robin,

we can’t let this happen again. I love you, as a friend. I don’t want to risk our friendship on

meaningless sex. Let’s just put it behind us and stay the way we were before it happened. That’s

all I can give you. Please? He’d agreed.

He paced in front of her. “Maybe it’s not the correct time to bring all this up, but it needs

to be said. The only reason I agreed was because it was what you wanted. The only reason.

Because you asked.”

No. This couldn’t be happening, Robin saying everything she’d wanted to hear before

she started dating Doug, before she’d accepted the ring. So Anna shied away from it, as she had

then. “Tell me why you said ‘Doug invited Kassie instead of you’ in your shocked tone.”

“Even now you won’t face it.” He muttered a curse which shocked her with the anger

behind it. “Will you? You won’t admit maybe we could have—”

“I faced it the morning after. I’m not an idiot, Robin. When you date a woman, it’s like

your skydiving adventures. You have a thrill, anything goes, and it’s awesome and you’re on the

high of it all. Then you land and it’s over. You never talk to the woman again, let alone have a

friendship with her. I didn’t want our friendship to be over. I still don’t. I can’t give more than I

am. I can’t.”

“Why, Anna?” He stopped right in front of her, hands on his hips balled into fists. “Why

can’t you give more? Because of Doug Dufuss?”

“No. Because I can’t just have sex with you and then watch you leave!”

Mia Epsilon lives with her enduring soul mate hubby in the gorgeous Blue Ridge

Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, USA. She’s an avid reader of almost anything, but

particularly romance. She also is a never-miss-an-episode viewer of Doctor Who and Sherlock,

and happily suffers coffee and chocolate addictions. She can most often be found at her

computer, spinning new stories, or in a quiet padded nook with her e-reader. Mia loves to hear

from readers and maintains a mostly current blog at and a Facebook

page under the name MiaEwrites.


Wolf Pack Run and More!!!

Check this out.

Solease M Barner, Romance Author



Dear Alpha Lovers, Dragon Lovers, Bear Lovers and More!
GIVEAWAY ALERT! I’m part of a group called the Wolf Pack, and we’re doing a joint giveaway – see below for all kinds of fabulous wolfy-awesome stories to try! We also have dragons, which includes SHOWKEN for .99 cents!!

The Wolf Pack: For Readers Who Like A Good Howl – join the Facebook Group!

All the books on sale (99cents or FREE) are listed below – remember, prices can change without notice so verify before you buy

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