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Impure Bargains
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Blurb for Impure Bargains by Decadent Kane

Desiderus has served Ba’al faithfully for nearly one hundred years. When Haven Rowe put a gun to

his head and pulled the trigger, her fierce nature stirred emotions he hadn’t felt since before Ba’al

claimed him. With his sight set on consuming her body and soul, he’ll use every deceptive idea at his

disposal to make sure she belongs to him.

When Haven walked in on a demon stealing her brother, Jeremy, her entire world unraveled. Born

to a family of magic users, yet unable to use magic of her own, Haven will do anything to get her

brother back from the depths of hell, even if it means she has to bargain her soul.

With the help of a witch, Haven seeks out loopholes to the soul bargains that have been made. She

either finds a way out for her and Jeremy, or they both might be lost forever. What she doesn’t

count on is the betrayal of her own body and the insurmountable attraction she has for the demon

she’s trying to escape.


Surprised by the female’s actions, Desiderus watched her run for a moment before his mind registered

her actions. Her obsidian hair flew behind her with a strange bag slung over her small shoulders. In a way, he

should have known Haven would bolt. Experience all but told him that. Many had run and failed. Desiderus

shook his head and a grin spread across his lips. She wouldn’t get far and not just because she was naked. He

had a pretty good idea that Haven didn’t worry about her loss of clothes as much as she worried about what he

might do to her. He would have loved nothing more than to chase after her…but she needed to be taught a

lesson, to understand what it meant for him to have her name, for him to be in control.

After quickly making Ba’al’s sign in the air in front of him, a toad with a circle, magic flickered into the

sigil like sparking a match. The sign brightened to an orange color. Desiderus had been a demon so long it took

seconds to create. Under his breath, he let her name roll off his tongue in one easy motion, “Haven Rowe.”

The color of the sigil sprinkled away on a breeze and black smoke swirled. Haven’s image slowly

began to appear, little by little, tantalizing, as if she somehow knew he wanted her body, far more than he had

any other mortal female. Her legs came first, the lazy curve of her hips, he groaned with the swell of her heaving

breasts, and finally her face construed in a perfect scowl piercing him with those damn blue eyes.

“Running will do you no good, Haven.” Inside lust coiled around his core, urging him to do anything

but stand there looking staring. Her skin shimmering with sweat, making his tongue slip out to lick his lips. He

swallowed a groan at the thought of tasting her tanned flesh. Lost in his erotic notions he didn’t see her foot until

it was too late and a sharp jolt of lightning like pain raced up from between his legs, shooting over his spine and

slamming into the base of his brain. Colors formed in his eyes and he blinked it away as his stomach churned.

His knees weakened, but he kept himself standing somehow, adrenalin replacing the pain as anger mounted

inside him like a lion.

“But that does demon.” Haven turned to run for the second time and despite the throbbing radiating

from his balls, Desiderus reached out for her, latching fingers around an ankle that had come up from the ground

and Haven fell front first into the dirt with Desiderus falling on top of her.

# 1 book for self-publishing authors

There is a ton of information out in the world, much of it comes from other authors, teachers, and

even people who just repeat what others say. But I’m going to boil it down to the one book I think

every self-published author should invest in not only buying but rereading over and over again.

I have an entire shelf dedicated to books helping me improve myself as an author. Yes even the giant

Chicago manual of Style! There are books out there for grammar, for scenes, and even for writing

prompts to push you through writers block.

But I want to focus on improving you as a writer. There are tons of useful books to do this and I’m

sure you will ask why would this one I’m about to give you be the best resource for you? Well let me

reveal and explain…

The book:  Manuscript Makeover: revision techniques no fiction writer can afford to ignore by

Elizabeth Lyon


Professional editor and author Elizabeth Lyon offers aspiring novelists the guidance and

instruction they need to write and edit well-crafted and compelling stories that will stand out from

the competition and attract the attention of agents and publishers, including:

– Stand-out style techniques, from accessing an authentic voice to applying techniques of

“wordsmithing” that transform prose

– How to rewrite characterization for dimensionality, a universal need, and theme

– Adjustment suggestions to match the prose style and structure of specific genres

– Correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and style

– Strategies to strengthen story beginnings and endings

– Methods for increasing plot stakes, creating movement, and adjusting pace for maximum


Why should you have it?

If the blurb alone isn’t compelling for you- well let me go even further. As a fellow author, writer,

and reader, this book has amazing information inside. It is extensively detailed and good for both

seasoned authors as well as aspiring authors.

I have marks all over in this book and repeat referencing it all the time when I start revising. I learn

new stuff to apply to future projects as well.

Want to more sentence variety? Flip over to page 24 where the five types of sentences are explained

with examples. The section even includes ways to revise for better impact.

Want to know more about viewpoints? Check out part three “Characterization Endures” where all

types are explained.

Perhaps pacing is an issue? Well she has an entire section dedicated to it, as well as the advantages

and disadvantages of using different types.

What about exploring themes? There is an entire list of things to explore from basic to common

conflicts and themes.

This one book explores nearly any aspect of writing including voice, elements, plots, and more. It has

such a vast amount of information that reading it just one time will not be enough. It will be a book

you refer back to often and is well worth your time to do so.

If your serious about your skill- if you want to continue to learn and improve which every self-

published author should want to- then pick it up- you won’t regret it.


Decadent Kane


Decadent Kane, author of the trouble with elves series, writes paranormal romance with heat. She lives in

Wyoming with a full house: 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 guinea pig, 1 rat, 2 kids, and 1 fiance.

An elfess in human form, Decadent enjoys dipping her fingers into the human realm where she took pen to

paper and began the tales of the trouble with elves. Her obsessions include reading, Dean Winchester, and


She will devour your soul with glimpses of the feral ridden drow elves, with their dark skin and soul

consuming. She’ll sneak morsels of naughty thoughts to you via goblins, and seduce you into stepping

inside the elven realm where females disappear when lust takes over among other elfish troubles.

Beware the sprites.

Follow the wisps.

But never look a drow elf king in the eyes…


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