Mr.C Kink Inc. by Juliet Chastain



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I collapse onto the coffee table. I remember Miss Carr advising me that the

dominant should always be on top. The hell with that, I think. I’ll do whatever I damn

well please. But I do reach for the whip. Holding it, I lie back with my booted feet

still on the floor.


Black leather bustier, a whip, and man who appreciates them. To her surprise,

Miss V finds being in charge in the bedroom can be satisfying.

When the fabulously wealthy want to go wild, Kink Inc. sends Miss V to help

them realize their deepest, most secret fantasies. She wants to try everything as long

as she can be submissive, but Mr. C has requested a steamy dominatrix, and she must

pretend to be up to the task.

If Mr. C likes her bossy ways, even if they are punishing at times, can Miss

V make him give her what she craves?

A short, steamy, bed-time read.


As a fashion photographer, Juliet Chastain uses her cameras to make visual

narratives using models and clothes. As a writer, she pounds out stories on a

keyboard creating books out of characters and ideas that pop into her head.

Juliet writes two kinds of short stories: Sweet and spicy (like Making Music,

The Captain and the Courtesan) especially for the romantic who likes some serious

heat in a sweetly satisfying story; and erotica (Intruder, the Kink Inc. series) for

those who prefer to go straight to the call-the-fire-department hot sex.


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