The Substitute by Spencer Dryden



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A substitute plumber’s world turns upside down when he discovers his buddy’s business

is providing more than plumbing services to an exclusive female clientele.

A journeyman plumber breaks union rules, risking the loss of his career, and assumes

a false identity to substitute for an injured friend who owns a non-union plumbing shop.

When “Gary” arrives on the job, he is stunned to discover that the client is expecting sex and not

plumbing services. It’s the beginning of a day of surprises.

Motivated by his obligation to a friend and seduced by the allure of the client, “Gary” has

some of the best sex of his life. He is at peace until he overhears the client making an immediate

referral to a friend. Torn between conscience and friendship, he accepts the referral.

His day turns again as Britta initially spurns his services, much to “Gary’s” relief,

then asks him to do some plumbing work. While he is working, Britta slowly drops her

hostile manner, sharing more of her personal story. “Gary” finds himself longing for a deeper

connection, but has to dispel Britta’s feelings of inadequacy and deal with his hidden identity.

One minute I was getting ready to install a new faucet for this really hot divorcee. The

next thing I knew, she was naked, splayed out on the massive onyx granite kitchen island of

her fabulous McMansion. Her legs over my shoulders, my work pants on the floor, I’m banging

her furiously. She was screaming and panting, heavy breasts flopping like luscious melons, her

pussy pouring out love juice over my cock while she clutched the backs of her thighs. Her head

thrashed in the pile of her frosted, layered mane of silver and black hair. She was so strong I

thought she was going to lift my two-hundred-pound frame from the floor as her back arched in

the agony of a hard orgasm.


I was breaking all the rules that day, but the last one I ever expected to break was fucking

a client on the clock. But technically, she wasn’t my client.

My strange odyssey began when my plumbing trade school buddy, Steve, called me in

desperation from the ER where he was being treated for a severely turned ankle.

“Dude, you gotta take this job for me today.” His voice was full of mirth, making me

suspect he was loaded with painkillers.

“Steve, you know I can’t do that. I’m a union journeyman, and you’re a non-union shop.”

I couldn’t work for one of my best friends, not within the rules the union had set for us.

Rules that protected us from exploitation, but limited our choices.

“It’s just one job, goddamnit. I don’t have anyone else I can trust.”

“Yeah, but that one job could cost me my career.”

Spencer Dryden is a new to writing fiction, but an old guy on the threshold of draining

any reserves left in Medicare and Social Security. In real life he is a handyman, an at-home dad,

inventor, and web videographer, living a quiet life in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, USA.

He earned an MBA from a prestigious Midwestern university but is so far behind on

the career earnings scale of his peers that the university has offered to refund his tuition if he

will return his diploma and disavow his affiliation, lest he continue to denigrate the school’s

impeccable brand.

He has a beautiful trophy wife ready to spend his royalties. Like all good romance

writers, he has a cat but prefers to pet his wife.

This is his fourth work published by Breathless Press.

He can be reached at multiple locations:

Check out his website:

He’s on Google+ :

Tweet Him at: @SpencerDryden

He is a regular contributor to the multiauthor blog, Oh Get A Grip: http://

And Facebook:

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