New Release of The Lie by Bethany Mill and Carmen Love with my review




Jeanette Jenkins loves the country life and everyone in her small town. She didn’t plan on meeting anyone or dating, seeing as she’s sworn off men, but that’s all about to change when she goes to help out on a friend’s ranch. Paul Matthews is on the crest of becoming the most prominent businessman in his father’s company. There’s only one problem: he has a secret. When he’s encouraged to get the secret out of his system, he travels to a small-town ranch to work and meets the beautiful Jeanette, whom he wants in his bed instantly. Now he has to decide: tell her the truth about himself…or lie?



This is a contemporary romance written by two authors teaming up for the first time, Bethany Mills and Carmen Love,and thankfully not the last. This book mostly takes place in Bowling Green Kentucky and NYC. He needs a place to finish his novel and his sister sends him to a friends ranch. He meets a sassy woman who helps out on the ranch. He is not used to women standing up to him except his sister, she does.
I loved the story. I enjoy a story where the alpha male/Dom meets a woman with a sassy mouth that isn’t afraid to tell him to shove it yet, yields in the bedroom.
I really got wrapped up in this story.The couple in this story have some things to work out but I can’t say what it’ll ruin it for you. I also detected a little twist having to do with his sister again, I can’t say what. You must read to find out.



Bethany Mills likes reading, riding horses and writing. Enjoying life is the most important thing to her and she’s sure that will not change. Hearing from readers is awesome, so contact her. She hope you enjoy her first book written with her best friend Carmen.

Carmen Love loves working on her ranch and playing with her horses. You will catch her having fun with friends in her spare time.


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