Cover Reveal Book 2 The Lessons in Lust Series Two for the Teacher by Jodie Jacobs


Release Date: March 1st 2015
Author: Jodie Jacobs
Designer: JJ Designs
Genre: Erotic short


Damon still can’t believe his luck. Keen to explore their relationship, heis eager to experiment and take all that Miss J has to offer.Inviting
athletic Mac into the fold, Damon may just get more than he bargained
for. Not only is Mac agile and fit, but he appears to have more to offer
an unsuspecting Damon.

Enjoy the second erotic installment in the Lessons in Lust series.

**This book contains M/F and M/M/F explicit sex scenes and is intended for readers of 18 years and over.
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Lessons in Lust is a hot, short story erotica series centered around two
main characters, Damon and Miss Toni Jordan, Miss J. Things get super
hot and spicy between the two over the last couple of weeks of Damon’s
senior schooling.
This series involves M/F, M/M/F and M/F/F explicit sex.
Looking for a hot, short read, one to get you all hot and bothered and in the mood? 
Be sure to check out Jodie Jacobs’s Tasting the Teacher (Lessons in Lust #1), a spicy, erotic short.

✩ – Crazy Daisy Book Whore
“This is a freaking HOT read! It’s sure to melt your panties right off!” 

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Flunking math is a serious problem for Damon. Without a pass, his
college choices are limited. It doesn’t help that he’s been fixated on
his math teacher, Miss Jordan, for the past two years. If anything,
spending too many hours fantasizing over her has pulled his grades down.
 Knowing he only has once chance to get the pass he needs, his math
teacher may just hold all the answers he requires. Miss Jordan provides
the first of one-night opportunities to allow Damon to pass with flying
It all starts with a taste.
Intended for reader 18+. The Lessons in Lust series is a short erotic
story based on the sexual relationship between a teacher and her male
senior student.
✩ – Paging Through the Days
“The perfect amount of hotness for one sitting” 

Tasting the Teacher (#1)

Released February, 2015

Two for the Teacher (#2)

Releasing March, 2015

  A Treat for the Teacher (#3)

Releasing April, 2015

 Touching the Teacher (#4)

Releasing May, 2015

Tied Up for the Teacher (#5)

Releasing June, 2015

Triple for the Teacher (#6)

Releasing July, 2015

You can reach Jodie on her Facebook page and her website.


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