Even Villains Go to The Movies by Liana Brooks


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Choosing between good and evil has never been this much fun.

When your mother is America’s Superhero Sweetheart and your daddy’s the Number One Super

Villain, you grow up feeling a little conflicted.

Angela Smith has superpowers—nothing that will ever make her comic-book famous—but

her ability to psychically sense and manipulate the emotions of people around her has drawn

unwanted government attention. Forced to choose between her quiet life as a teacher under

constant surveillance or the life of a rogue, she chooses the latter. She plans to hide out in sunny

Los Angeles where being a blue-eyed blonde won’t make anyone bat a false eyelash.

Silver screen star by day, superhero by night, Arktos is a triple-threat. He can fly, freeze

anything, and see glimpses of the future, all of which he needs to keep the city of Los Angeles

safe, but which does nothing for his social life. When a frightening vision of an explosion leads

him to rescue a damsel in distress, he finds himself trading Shakespearean insults with a rogue.

Angela knows just how dangerous well-intentioned superheroes can be: one tried to kill her

family when she was young. Arktos knows he should hand the rogue over to Company justice;

it’s not safe for someone like her to be in the middle of a fight.

But they can’t seem to stay apart. And together, they just might be able to melt all the obstacles

standing between true love for a hero and a villain.



Angela tossed the red curls of her wig and parked Luiz’s bike in the alley behind the

conference center. She hadn’t put on her Rage getup since arriving in L.A., but tonight the mental

screams of terror echoing from the center warranted the kind of investigation that would attract

questionable attention.

Tight black jeans, a bright red tank top that matched her hair, and a leather duster that

was too heavy for the L.A. heat were a start. She’d added a black domino mask that obscured the

shape of her nose and cheekbones when she’d moved to New York, because no one needed to see

their favorite school teacher beating down the local thugs. The heart and star pendant around her

neck— a little invention of her Daddy’s that would shield her from most things—completed the


The “most” still worried her some days.

Terror radiated from the building, escalating until the headache tearing into her brain was

a living fire. Whatever was happening, she would hit back. Hard.

Checking to make sure the alley was empty, Angela sauntered toward the back door and

hoped someone inside had been kind enough to leave it open. More often than not the people

hired to cater at these places would stick a rock in the door to keep it from locking every time

they slipped out for fresh air.

If not she could always pick the lock. Angela sighed. The whole point of moving away

from her sisters was to avoid a life filled with crime and superheroes.

Angela reached for the door and someone hit her. A breeze ruffled her wig and she found

herself on her back in the alleyway, staring up at a masked man. No hate tainted the aura around

him, nothing that suggested that he was dangerous except that he was bigger than her.

She raised an eyebrow. “Hello?”

The man took a deep breath. “Hi.” He smelled like mint.

“I’m new to the area, so I’m not familiar with the protocol when you’re jumped by a

masked man in an alleyway. Is there a secret handshake or something?” she asked, sarcastically.

“I’m here to save your life.”

Angela looked around for signs of danger. The man was the only thing in the alley, and

he was cradling her, hand cushioning her head, muscular arms suspending him in a pushup so his

body weight wasn’t resting on her.

“Right. What danger am I in, exactly?”

“The door is going to explode and kill you,” he said in a very serious tone.

She lifted her head to peer over his shoulder at the door. It was a mistake. The movement

meant gyrating under him in his spandex suit, and she caught a whiff of cologne, soap, and clean

sweat. His emotions shifted, becoming tinged with desire and arousal.

Angela cleared her throat and lay back down, trying to put space between herself and her

captor. “Mm hmm. Tell you what, let me up and I’ll help you find your doctor. I bet someone is

very worried about you missing your medicine.”





Liana Brooks would like to SCUBA dive Europa (that moon around Jupiter), but with

the NASA shuttle program shut down she’s resorted to writing science fiction instead. She likes

southern beaches, warm weather, sharks, and striped socks. Her superhero romance series started

with Evan Villains Fall in Love and continues with Even Villains Go to the Movies. For those

who prefer their romance without a side order of spandex she’s written Prime Sensations (part of

the Tales From the SFR Brigades anthology) and Fey Lights.

You can find Liana on the web at http://www.lianabrooks.com, on Twitter as @LianaBrooks,

or on Facebook under the same name.


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