Jinn & Toxic by Franny Armstrong


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An elite team of soldiers are trapped in the Mexican rainforest. Jinn’s twin sister is dying, while

Tab searches for his kidnapped sister. Using their psychic abilities, they must work together or

die trying.

A team that doesn’t exist…

Toxic Tango Troop is an elite team of soldiers who are betrayed by one of their own. Their

goal is to prevent shipments of illegal drugs to North America. The team struggles to find the

teammates, missing after they scatter to evade capture. The government won’t acknowledge the

team, so they’re on their own.

She is a military secret…

Jinn Dennison takes the place of her identical twin sister, Julie, a soldier on the team. They think

she’s dead. Jinn shows up to save her sister Julie, whom she knows is alive. She races against

time to find her before it’s too late. Using her psychic abilities, she connects with Julie who she

hasn’t seen since they were ten years old, but someone is blocking their silent communications.

He believes she’s a traitor…

Tab ‘Toxic’ McIntosh has a special gift that is top secret. He captures Jinn then uses her as

bait to stop the Iceman, a notorious drug runner, and unearth the traitor. Tab’s sister, Tara, was

kidnapped from a resort, and he wants her back at all costs. Things get complicated when Jinn

and Tab fall in love.

Can Jinn and Toxic battle against all odds to win the day, or will they die trying? Time is of the

essence in this fast paced adventure where anything can happen.

“You look pretty good for a dead woman, Dennison. Did you set us up?”

Jinn held her silence, unable to tell them she wasn’t Julie. She had to keep her presence

a secret even from this team. A quick glance behind her proved he was mind speaking when

someone came up and tied her hands behind her back. The wrenching pain brought out an

unwelcome groan, and she cursed under her breath.

“Until you tell me what I want to know, you’ll be my prisoner.”

“Captain, she helped us all. She’s one of us. Could we”

“Silence, Jennings. I’m not taking suggestions right now. Something isn’t right here and I

want answers. What are you up to Dennison?”

“No comment.”

“Captain, we have company coming. Can we leave this battle for later?” Blackstone


“Move out. If we get separated, meet at the designated coordinates in two days. You have

your orders.”

Two at a time the team members disappeared into the underbrush and left the captain and

Jinn alone. He dragged her off through the forest in a different direction, his grip tight on her


For hours she tried to keep up but her legs buckled from exhaustion and blood loss. The

captain squatted beside her. Sweat rolled off them both as thunder roared overhead, lighting

flashing to fill the area with brightness. The wind picked up, rain slapping against their faces. All

of the animals and insects disappeared to weather the storm, leaving Jinn and Tab alone.

Her whole body was on fire with agony, but she remained silent and uncomplaining.

“Sit up, and that’s an order.”

“You’re a bloody fool.”

“And you’re out of line.”

His hand slapped down on her good shoulder and forced her to sitting position. His

other hand gentled over her injury. A strange tingling in her wounded shoulder made her gasp.

Furious, she could do nothing but wait until he lowered his guard then escape into the night.

“You’re under watch. Don’t try and leave. You won’t like the consequences.”

“You are a jerk, Captain.”

“A court-martial is a nasty process, Max. Get comfortable. It won’t be long until sunrise.”

He walked off into the dark leaving her fuming. Damned alpha male with a command

complex. Won’t listen to a word anyone else says!

His chuckle came from the distance.

Author Bio
Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Franny Armstrong has written creatively since she

was a child. Her mother always told her to write down her feelings and she did. When she was

ten, she started writing and acting out plays in her garage for the neighborhood kids.

When she became ill in her forties, she used her author skills to create stories that took

her away. Living in the country with her husband and mother, three dogs, and two cats, she loves

the silence when working on her books, when she can get it. With three full grown children and

four grandchildren, she has a full life.

Previously, Franny had ten published paranormal romance books, but took them off the

market when the contracts ran out to fine-tune her career as an author. She hopes to find new

homes for them.

Writing is her life now. Her main goal is to be a #1 Best Selling author and tour with




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