In His Sights by DD Symms


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A roadside explosion kills Dalton Blake’s lover in Afghanistan. Dalton wants to

hide in himself forever. Can a base officer can break through?

Dalton Blake and his lover from college enlist to serve their country and seek

adventure. A roadside explosion in Afghanistan that Dalton believes he could have

prevented takes his lover’s life and Dalton returns stateside, withdrawing into his own

world to escape the emotional toll. A base captain tries to break through and must find a

way to connect before Dalton makes a tragic decision. In His Sights explores the impact

of loss and the hope that new love offers.

Afghanistan fascinated him. He saw beauty in what many deemed a desolate

landscape. A flower blooming among rocky crags was like an act of defiance interrupting

the bleakness. He had gained confidence and felt like his leadership abilities were

growing rapidly on the day a colonel, a senior engineer from the States, and a camera

crew from a television network were among the audience members.

The last questions finished and he gathered his materials. He headed to the coffee

shop on base to revel in his success but soldiers were scrambling amid confused shouts.

“Hey, what’s happening?” Dalton tried to get someone’s attention.

“An attack. There was an attack just down the road.”

The news screamed back to base. An IED had exploded in the field, ripped

through a convoy, and killed several soldiers. Jerry was among them.

Dalton froze. A volley of commands were unleashed in his mind to run here or

there, but he was helpless. He shook free from the initial shock and ran to his barracks,

buried his face in his pillow, and fought to suppress his rage. He wanted to scream, grab a

weapon, and head off on his own personal assault and find the son of a bitch responsible.

A debriefing revealed a connection failure in the jamming device and the feeling of

failure Dalton experienced was like water bursting through the walls of a reservoir and

flooding everything in its path.

DD Symms wanted to capture the emotional struggle that loss and new love bring

with In His Sights, his fifth book with Breathless Press.

Fiction writing in university was his original calling, but it took a detour of many

years as he focused on journalism. The joy of writing fiction is when characters seep into

his imagination and take on a life of their own with a story that must be told.

He lives in southern California and hikes in the mountains with his wife, wishes

his dog would stop sleeping on his side of the bed, and would like to take more walks

along the beaches north of Malibu.


Twitter: @DD_Symms



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