To Have or To Haunt by Ishabelle Torry


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Can Melanie’s Halloween bash survive Leah’s ghostly tricks?Melanie Fyre is a passionate teacher determined to raise funds for the town’s school.

What better way to do it than by expanding the local businesses? All she needs is land.

Untouched for years thanks to a local superstition, the Crowe property is perfect. If Melanie can

debunk the myth, she can get the use of those 600 beautiful acres. She just has to prove to the

town that Leah’s ghost is not haunting the mansion, even on Samhain night.

Burned to death and proclaimed a witch, Leah Crowe’s soul has been cursed to an

eternity of loneliness, all because she dared to love a woman. When the saucy Melanie arrives at

her home to throw a costume party that mocks Leah’s very existence, the bitter ghost resolves to

renew the town’s fear of her name. Will Leah’s ghost ruin all of Melanie’s plans?

That voice… Melanie’s head snapped left, then right. “Leah?” On either side stood groupsof people, but no one she didn’t recognize immediately—even through the plethora of costumes.

She turned in a circle, searching for the face the voice belonged to. “You know it’s not nice to

stalk people.”

“I was thinking much the same in regards to someone inviting themselves into my home.”

Melanie jumped. It sounded as if Leah were speaking directly into her ear. “Your home?

As in Leah Crowe’s home?” She laughed so hard she snorted. “So that’s what you were doing in

the room upstairs…haunting me?”

Once again, Leah’s voice sounded near. “No. I had only intended to ask that you leave

and take your party elsewhere. I will haunt you if you fail to comply.”

Melanie crossed her arms and chuckled. Someone was definitely pranking her.

Circled by a group of men paying homage to her costume, Ally randomly waved from

across the room, raising a glass of beer. Melanie smirked. So busted! This scenario had her best

friend’s name written all over it. She nodded, licking her lips. “Bring it on, ghost chick. This

party needs some entertainment anyway.”

Author Bio
At the age of fourteen, Ishabelle Torry stole her first romance novel, Warrior’s Lady byMadeline Baker, from her mother’s glass “no-no” cabinet. It was then Ishabelle fell in love with

the idea of new worlds, love conquers all, and the ability to forget the real world as she took on

the lives of characters that were just as real as the people she interacted with every day. It wasn’t

long before her fixation with romance novels landed her in the high school office to collect

the books confiscated during the previous week. Ishabelle swore one day she’d write the kind

of book that would keep readers so enthralled, they’d too risk confiscation to keep turning the



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