The Gift by Ishabelle Torry



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Daniel was bound to love Sheryl’s out-of-the-box anniversary idea…wasn’t he?

It’s Sheryl and Daniel’s tenth anniversary, and Sheryl is compelled to get her beloved soul

mate the gift of all gifts. Discarding her normally self-reserved persona, she has a nude portrait

commissioned. He was bound to love it…wasn’t he?

My chest tightened, and I had to take slow, calming breaths to steady my quivering limbs

as I maintained eye contact. I had waited years for this moment; defeating modesty with a blatant

desire to shed the snow from its covered mountain peak. I prayed I wouldn’t pass out before the

overdue climax reached fruition.

His tongue darted out and he licked the corners of his mouth hungrily, squinting in

concentration. “One more touch,” he promised with a whisper. He then threw his head back and

bellowed. “Finished!”

I pulled the sheets over my nudity, suddenly embarrassed. My clammy palms smeared

the soft fabric with wet streaks as I wrung the material between shaky fingers. I waited for him

to speak—to say anything. With pursed lips, he occasionally produced a clicking sound as his

tongue bounced off of his front teeth.

I willed his words to come. But silence was the one thing I found to be the most charming

of his many qualities. Without words, he couldn’t criticize me…or my newest fetish. My

endeavor was safe with this almost mime.

He grunted loudly and twisted his body back and forth. A long stretch pulled him to his

tiptoes as his head fell back to blow kisses at the popcorn ceiling. He lowered his gaze slowly

and devoured my form from crown to toe, like a lion inspecting his prey. The deep blue of his

eyes hid his thoughts, just as the ocean concealed buried treasure.

Ishabelle Torry is a full time mother, wife and student. She enjoys time with her family,

and their plethora of pets on the farm. In her spare time, she is constantly dreaming of characters

and the worlds they are found in. Occasionally, Ishabelle has been known to argue with her

characters and bribe them with cookies when they have a wayward moment.

You can find Ishabelle on Facebook at

Or Follow on Twitter @ishabelletorry


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