Fire on Ice by Lisa A. Adams



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Marcus Zankoriewicz is a leader in the National Hockey League… and has just

announced he’s gay.

Facing a firing squad of reporters accusing him of adultery with another player’s wife,

Marcus Zankoriewicz sees there’s only one way out. He must make the announcement he knew

would come one day.

But, this is hockey. Well known for its rough and manly men, Marcus must prepare

himself for an onslaught of changes that threaten his career and love life.

Marcus chuckled. “After all this time I ignored the questioning looks and there were still

people who figured it out. I should have guessed.”

“Don’t get me wrong. You’re definitely not flaming. In fact I bet my ass you’re the hitter

in the game.”

Marcus grinned. “Really? You bet your ass?”

Justin rolled to his knees and stood in front of him. “Of course, you’ll have to catch me


Lisa A. Adams writes from a little plot of country, tucked away in the North Carolina

Sandhills. When she’s not writing, Lisa can be found in her sewing room, in a classroom, or at a

local soccer field. When asked about her family, Lisa will be the first to tell you that they have

been the backbone of not only her writing career, but anything she chooses to pursue as well. She

has been married to her husband for over ten years, has five wonderful children, and two very

spoiled cats.


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