Boss’s Orders by Kelliea Ashley


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What’s a girl to do when her hot boss makes her his emergency contact? Why follow

orders and kiss his pain away, of course.

Lizzie Schwep has fought her attraction to Brian Monroe for three long years, but when

an accident leaves him in need of some tender loving care she finds herself ready to toss in the


Brian Monroe is comfortable being the boss. He’s avoided a messy situation by keeping

hands off his sexy assistant, but when he’s suddenly dependent on Lizzie, he finds himself

tempted to break all the rules and follow her every order.

“My panties are not in a twist.” He insisted roughly. “I know we’ve had this argument

before, but those guys were memorizing your ass in those too-tight jeans while you were bent


Oh, so that was what got him so pissy. Interesting.

“So?” She wanted to laugh, but kept her face straight as she envisioned steam escaping

his ears.

“You really don’t mind being ogled by a bunch of sweaty movers?” He eyed her tight

gray T-shirt once more.

“I’m flattered.”

“Flattered! Are you so hard-up for male attention that you look for trouble like that?”

“Trouble? Seriously? They were harmless men.” She scowled at him and got up to

grab the bag of bedding she had purchased for the twin bed. “As for needing attention, every

woman likes male attention.” Irritation grew as he continued to glare at her while she made the

bed. “And how dare you insult me about liking it, when every woman you’ve dated since I met

you earns their living by sashaying their asses in front of men and cameras?” She snapped the top

sheet with excess energy and began tucking it under at the foot. “Talk about a hypocrite, Brian


“Eaves-dropping were you?” He actually grinned at her and she blew her hair out of her

eyes. It had escaped her loose bun while she was beating the sheets into place.

“Why do you date women who are more concerned with their diets than with you? Oh,

that’s right! Because they have size two bodies and point two IQ’s.”

“You pay a lot of attention to my sex life, Schwep. Should I be worried about you

becoming a stalker?” He laughed outright as she sputtered.

“You should be so lucky, Monroe.”

Kelliea Ashley lives near the Canadian Border in upstate New York with her

husband, a cat named Copperkitty, a dog named Sammy, and several fish, who do not

have names and are very lucky her husband feeds them.

Growing up an only child with a devoted single mother, she looked at books

as companions and writing as a favorite escape. A bookworm at heart she steadfastly

refused to give up paperbacks until her loving hubby bought her a Kindle for Christmas.

Secretly she still adores the smell of a well-read book, but sh… don’t tell her husband.

She has a habit in the form of chocolate and loves a glass of sweet red wine.

Romance has always been her favorite genre because she sees the miracle and magic in

finding ones’ true love.


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