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A bad day spins out of control when Cadence finds herself in the middle of the Tulgy

Wood with a grinning cat who can vanish at will and a renown Wonderland hero in need of a

companion to the Red Queen’s court.

What happens when the hero who saved Wonderland from the destruction of the famed

Jabberwock needs to find a worthy paramour before the Red Queen picks one for him? Devrel,

the last of the Cheshire cats, has the perfect solution. He’ll just pluck one from the human world

and gift her to him for his un-birthday.

Realizing her friends were playing a joke on her, Cadence is heading home when she sees

the cat smiling at her. Next thing she knows, she’s in Wonderland and in the arms of a handsome

man who thinks she’s slightly unhinged upon meeting her. Intrigued by Gareth, Cadence makes

an offer to act as his companion in exchange for his protection as they journey from the Tulgy

Wood to the Red Kingdom—a simple solution which endangers both of their hearts as the castle

looms in the distance.

“Devrel,” the man called out. His forehead scrunched up, and she wondered what

troubled such a handsome man so.

The grinning cat appeared on the man’s shoulder, towering over him as he leaned down

and answered, actually answered, with, “She’s rather odd, isn’t she?”

At this, Cadence lost it. She laughed, only to be forced into a fit of hysterical giggles

when both the man and the cat glanced at each other and back at her.

“Mayhap I broke her,” Devrel said, smile faltering ever so slightly as he reached down

and swiped at the air in front of her face with huge paw.

The man sighed and shook his head. The hair falling over his forehead bounced with the

movement. “Why did you bring her?”

“Bring whom?”

He pinned Devrel with a glare.

The cat snickered. “I jest. It’s what I do. As for the girl…” Devrel faced her again. “Let me

fetch her some borogove feathers. We can mash them up to powder and have her drink them with

tea. I believe she’s befuddled.”

Rebekah Lewis holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. She is an award-winning

cover artist for digital publishers, and enjoys every minute of it when not immersed into a world

of satyrs and Greek gods. Always feeling the need to be productive, she can be found creating

something whether with words or images, or with arts and crafts. She resides in Savannah, GA

with her cat, Bagheera.

If you would like to follow Rebekah on social media or contact via email, use the

following information:





Twitter: @RebekahLLewis

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