My Fair Vampire by Sally Max with giveaway


My Fair Vampire

by Sally Max

Buy Links: (Available August 1st, 2014)


What happens when one vampire becomes accustomed to another?

Marion has always reminded Vlad of Miss Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady. Everything from her

hair to her accent, and especially her fiery temper. When Vlad’s Eliza quits after being pushed too far,

what is he to do without her?


Down on her hands and knees, Marion scrubbed like a beast on the blood stain that his latest

snack left on the ballroom floor. She reminded him of Audrey Hepburn from My Fair Lady before

she had become a lady. A petite frame with brown wispy hair, and a cockney accent that slipped out

whenever her temper flared. Luckily, he found it charming. Several of his contemporaries found her

crude, ostentatious, and a bit grating on the nerves. Sometimes he would have to agree with them, but

her intentions were good. Moreover, he never regretted following her into the alley that dark night so

many years ago and changing her to be like him..

“Next time you do something like this, you’re going to clean it up your own damn self.” Marion

wet a rag, and sopped up the suds. With her down in this position, he had a great view of her pert little

ass. Vlad couldn’t remember the last time he and Eliza had engaged in the comforts of each other,

but he remembered that it was always a lovely time. House vampires always had a tendency to be

enthusiastic when bedding their Lords. With a overly dramatic sigh, she lifted the edge of the carpet

and groaned when she saw the disaster underneath. Unfortunately, it seemed like the blood had pooled

under the rich textile as well.

“That’s it. I quit.” Marion stood up.

Author Bio:

After not being able to answer, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” when she was little,

Sally Max decided she wouldn’t settle on just one profession. Instead, she lives vicariously through her

characters on the page, and gets a taste of every possible scenario she can imagine.

Sally Max currently resides in central Florida with her fiancé and a rambunctious black and white

tuxedo kitty.

See what Sally is up to at



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