A Touch of Death (Death Witch#1) by Ella Grey



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There is nothing Fiona Fire-Tongue won’t do for revenge. Even make a deal with the

Goddess of the Underworld.

It was supposed to be simple. Just break into a vampire’s office and steal a gem. With

an unwanted partner in tow, it may get complicated. The air elemental has plans of his own,

but he’s about to learn that if you piss off a fire witch it is at your own peril.

He was a good-looking guy, no doubt about it. A Sylph, which meant he was more

element held together by will than a flesh and blood human. Light blue hair was brushed

away from an angular face and piercing eyes that matched his hair. Elementals weren’t tied

to any particular shape but the one he’d chosen had an interesting effect on something a lot

lower than my heart. He’d managed to charm his way right into my bed and became my

partner for my current plan.

It had bad idea written all over it.

Ella Grey likes to tell stories which feature very human characters, even if those characters

sprout fur or can conjure fire with a click of their fingers. Ella has been writing for over a decade and

is published with four houses.

She currently lives in the UK with her son, partner, and cat. She rarely sleeps and can often be

found with a cup of coffee in one hand and her other hand on the keyboard.


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