Apparition by Iyana Jenna


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More than 600 miles separated Drew and Zach, but on Halloween, Zach came to Drewand left again, just like that.

Separated by more than 600 miles, Zach and Drew were forced to keep in touch through

phone, email, and Skype. As Drew showered for one of their “dates,” he wasn’t alone. Imagine

his surprise when he discovers Zach’s car crashed, leaving him in a coma. Who was it that joined

him in the shower, then? Would he have a chance to be with Zach again?

“Zach…” He closed his eyes, snaked his arms up, and wrapped them around Zach’s neck.Zach nuzzled into Drew’s armpit, kissed his nipple, and bit it lightly, eliciting a deep growl from

Drew’s throat.

“Christ, you’re so hot. I want you so much.” Zach’s hand slithered down and took Drew’s

length and slowly stroked it up and down. Drew threw his head back to rest on Zach’s shoulder,

moaning and gasping as the orgasm built in his cock. His hands ran through Zach’s hair, grasping

it, taking Zach’s face down to his own, seeking out Zach’s lips and kissing them.

“I want you too,” Drew said, breathing into Zach’s mouth. “I want you inside me.

Please.” He took Zach’s hands, sniffing, licking them, tasting himself there, and he got harder.

Zach kissed him more intensely, their tongues dueling inside as if wanting to melt them into

one. Zach pressed his hard-on against Drew, who mewled wantonly and began to rub himself

shamelessly. “Yes, oh yes. Like that, Zach.”

To Drew’s dismay, though, Zach seemed to fade until what was holding Drew was

merely a wet trail of shadows. A whisper breathed in Drew’s ear, “Later.” Zach was gone.

Iyana lives in Jakarta, a city famous for its traffic jams, a lot of cars and motorcycles, andpeople selling stuff on the roads. You can spend two hours on the road going to a place you can

reach in half an hour in a normal situation. Thanks to the traffic jams, though, Iyana can come up

with a lot of stories, mostly shorties, as she prefers to spend the time during her trips writing into

her cell phone rather than sleeping.

Another thing Iyana loves is kitties. Right now she has five of them. Their names are

Larva, Nyil, Cil, Mermood, and Horus. When she doesn’t write, she plays with them, or they

would play with her when she writes.


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