4 book give-away F/F Promo Post


Hot off the end of LGBT Month, and following on the success of our M/M promo in May, we’re

happy to bring you a month of promoting “Lady Love”. It may seem really odd that Domino

has asked me to do this post… and I admit, it is a little odd! You see, I’m a fairly red-blooded

man and on some level, two women having a fulfilling relationship makes me feel superfluous.

Probably because I am. Hey… men want to be needed *grin*

We’re also giving away 4 books to one lucky winner! Enter here:

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However, here are some points that I’ve come across while polling my friends. (Get your head

out of the gutter people!! LOL) These are some reasons why being a lesbian rocks (according to

the girls) and I admit that this is not a scientific survey, so some of these will no doubt make you


Fashion Freedom

You can ask things like “what should I wear?” or “how does this look?” without having

your partner think that it’s a dumb question! Equally, you’re free to borrow clothes

without having to worry about keeping “boyfriend” jeans from falling down. – Anna


(Yup… I said it! PERIODS. I am not squeamish – twin sister remember. By all means,

send me to go get your tampons – Dominic) In many relationships, guys can be a little…

uncomfortable around periods. Having a relationship with another woman means that

I don’t have to apologise about bleeding, bloating and bitching. Seriously… it rocks. –



This may not be fair to heterosexual couples, but I found that having sex with a

woman for the first time felt natural and odd. I’d had great sex with men, but there was

something about having sex with someone who had the same working parts that made it a

fun experience. It was like she just knew what would work… WOW! – Jess


This is going to sound a bit odd, but in a way being a lesbian in a committed relationship

also helped how I interacted with the men I knew. You may think guys are vulgar when

they talk about how hot the ass is on a girl, but I can certainly appreciate it and luckily for

me, my guy friends are a great group to hang out with… and we have some great taste! –


I’m sure there are far more serious reasons why being in a loving lesbian relationship is

rewarding and why F/F fiction is so important in this day and age, but that’s another blog topic




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