To Wish Upon a Roman by Ishabelle Torry

                        To Wish Upon a Roman


                                 Ishabelle Torry






When Lucy received the locket from the estate of her aunt, it came with a warning to

never speak his name…but where’s the fun in that?

Trapped for seventeen hundred years, General Hadrian Marias awaits his release from a

crystal prison and a chance to find the reincarnated soul of his wife, Lucia. Instead, upon being

summoned into the modern world, he finds Lucy—the descendant of Genevieve, the Celtic witch

responsible for his entrapment. Everything he knows about Lucy stems from his experience

with Genevieve, but he soon discovers the only thing Lucy shares with her ancient ancestor is

an uncanny resemblance. He quickly finds himself drawn to the feisty vixen. But can he ever

forgive himself for losing Lucia of the past, and move forward with Lucy?

Lucy Brady was devastated to receive word of her aunt’s death. Her only joy, a family

heirloom passed down from generation to generation. Inside the golden locket hides a crystal

containing the essence of Hadrian. Even though warned to never say his name, she chalks it up

to superstition and inadvertently summons an ancient Roman general who demands his freedom

from her tyrannical bloodline. Deeming the general’s appearance a prank, Lucy agrees to grant

his freedom—in lieu of sex for a fortnight. Will the next fortnight of passion be enough to keep

Hadrian at Lucy’s side? Or will he choose absolute freedom from her bloodline?



Hadrian was infatuated by the witch’s sudden change. Her demeanor had gone from a

scared rabbit to a cunning wolf as she slowly advanced in his direction. She looked ready to


Damn the gods.

He shook his head in frustration, swearing at his lack-wit brain. He assumed the dark

woman with the strange clothing and heavy face paint had been Genevieve’s kin, but instead the

innocent angel before him was the vile sorceress’s descendant. How could he have missed it? She

even had the same violet pigment as Genevieve. He now knew for certain this pale beauty was

his newest captor. “Release me.”

“You never answered me,” she purred prettily, taking slow deliberate steps toward him

and emphasizing the sway of her hips.

Hadrian grunted. The witch recognized her powers already. She was another generation

warned in advance; already knowing he couldn’t harm her physically as long as she controlled


Damn her smugness! He took a step back with each forward step she took. “Stay back,


He didn’t mean it. He felt himself harden with her approach. He hated her. Nay, he didn’t,

but he should. Something about her perplexed him. She has her ancestor’s looks. Genevieve.

His last step back was blocked by the loveseat. He thought to sidestep the smiling vixen, but a

squared table blocked his path.

Curse her and her second sight! She has me purposely trapped!

The witch appeared to enjoy his uneasiness as she played cat and mouse. She obviously

delighted in being the predator, moving in just the right way to keep him cornered. Her siren

voice with its otherworldly quality beckoned him as she spoke. Aye, she was just as much the

devil’s mistress as Genevieve.

“I ask you one more time, Hadrian Marias: Why should I release you?”

His pulse pounded in his ears. “It would be the honorable thing to do, milady. Seeing

your family has held me prisoner for almost two millennia.”

“I see.” She dared to wink. “What’s in it for me?”

His paranoia threatened his temper. He felt the sudden need to hide from this enchantress.

He would not make the same mistake again and trust a witch. No matter how beautiful she was

or innocent she appeared, she was evil. Genevieve’s blood ran through her veins. “What do you

want?” He finally managed to ask, hoping she didn’t hear the apprehension in his tone.

She threw her sultry head back and her laughter floated on the air and teased his defenses.

Devil’s Mistress…

She smirked. “In fourteen days, I will release you, but only if you become my sex slave

and guarantee my satisfaction.”



Ishabelle Torry is a full time mother, wife and student. She enjoys time with her family,

and their plethora of pets on the farm. In her spare time, she is constantly dreaming of characters

and the worlds they are found in. Occasionally, Ishabelle has been known to argue with her

characters and bribe them with cookies when they have a wayward moment.


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    I can see I have another book to add to my list.



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