Overseer by Jenny Woods

Ten things you have in your purse/bag/wallet now
1. Tick tacks
2. Lotion
3. Nail clipper
4. Hair brush
5. Note that my husband wrote on a napkin 4 years ago that says “I love you Jenny”
6. Lipgloss
7. Powder
8. Pens
9. Note pad
10. Moltrin

A Day in the Life of Jenny Woods Rose’s Book Blog
A normal day for me right now starts off with getting my kids out of bed. I wake them up and we start our morning routine of getting ready for school. I then drop them off at school. I try to get on my treadmill for at least an hour every day. I will then take care of any house work, errands, or writing things that need my attention. Then it is off to pick the kids up. That leads into homework time and cooking dinner. We have dinner and then spend time hanging out and watching some tv together. You can see that I am just a normal Mom trying to get it all done.

Excerpt ONE: Brooke Blogs

Ryan started moving wisps of wind around them. Dirt and grime from the sidewalk went right at their faces. As long as the demons stayed in the human host, they would have some of the same weaknesses a human would. We would have to move fast before they started to figure out it was coming from us. I formed a blue butterfly and sent it to Henry’s shoulder. He reached up and put the butterfly in his hand. I made the butterfly rest in his palm and spread her wings flat. I placed a message on the wings. ‘Demons coming; get in a cab and then call me.’ Henry looked up as the butterfly took flight. He saw the demons and the butterfly making her way to me. I hailed a cab just he did. I grabbed my butterfly as she landed in my hand. It was now just a sapphire again. Ryan got the cab door open and we jumped in. Henry was now heading the opposite direction in his cab. Ryan relaxed and the mini whirlwind that was attacking the demons stopped. They were rubbing their eyes and looking across the street for Henry. He got away and they never saw us.

Excerpt Two: Jazzy Book Reviews

Demons were on the other side of this door; that much I could sense. I kicked the door in and we went in with our swords out, ready for a fight. Demons stood in the center of the room and crates filled with guns lined the walls. I went to the right; Tym moved to the left. A demon at least six feet tall was coming for me. Standing just inches from me. He lunged at me with a long knife in his hand. I blocked him and danced around him, allowing myself to land an elbow in his rib. I felt it give under the pressure I applied. He turned around in a fast inhuman response. He yelled at me and yanked on my arm. I kicked his leg and felt it give; we fell to the ground. I moved fast, swinging my sword through the air and taking his head off. He burst into a ball of flames and vanished, leaving behind the human corpse that he had once animated.
A demon was pulling me up by my hair. I took my sword and plunged it backwards into him. My feet hit the ground when he released my hair to check his wound. I turned around to see him leaning over and took off his head with my sword. I looked around the room. One demon was escaping. Tym had taken one of them out and he was still in a battle with another. They danced around the room in a very well matched sword fight. I was about to step in and help when Tym bested his opponent and beheaded him. He turned and looked at me. “I only see four; what happened to the fifth one?”


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